Launching Moskito Guard

We are delighted to officially launch Moskito Guard, a brand new insect repellent from the experts behind Smidge.

Moskito Guard is ideal for those going abroad and wanting to stay bite free for up to 8 hours. Moskito Guard is DEET-free, fragrance-free and comes in a non-greasy lotion that is kind to your skin but also tough on mosquitoes. Moskito Guard is water and sweat-proof, contains 20% Picaridin (World Health Organisation approved) and is equally effective against midges, ticks, sandflies and all other biting insects. Better yet, it’s safe for pregnant women and kids over 2 years!

We have a 75ml bottle, ideal for a family outing and a mini, 30ml version, perfect for a top-up when you’re on the go!

If you are a trade customer and want more information about Moskito Guard, please get in touch.